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  • How long will it take for me to recieve my order?
    Every item is made to order unless otherwise specified in the listing. I always try to have items ready to dispatch within 3 days and never longer than 5 Business days. After dispatch UK deliveries will take 2-3 business days to arrive, european orders delivery will take 5-10 business days and US orders between 3-11 business days. These timings are approximate and entirely down to our shipping carriers, unfortuneately any delays are out of our hands. Please see listings and shop policy for more details.
  • What size are your cutters?
    All cutters are 10mm tall and most feature a 2mm handle so they are easy to use. Detailed sizes for cutters are listed on each individual listing, the size refers to the cutting size and not any handles etc.
  • What thickness should my clay be?
    Its all personal preference, but I like to use 2mm or 2.5mm clay. All of our cutters are tested at 2.5mm thick clay to make sure they work perfectly.
  • How do I clean my cutters?
    To clean, use luke warm water and mild soap. An old toothbrush can be used gently for deep cleaning. For an detailed tutorial please visit -
  • Wherre are you based?
    London, England.
  • Cutter Care
    Do not expose cutters to high/extreme tempretures. Cutters are not dishwasher or oven safe. Please store cutters out of direct sunlight (if you're lucky to have some of course!) When using cutters apply downward pressure only, they are very strong if used correctly. Excessive squeezing on the sides of the cutters will cause them to break.
  • How do you package your items?
    All items are packed in 100% recyable packing. Orders are sent in a box, with protective paper shredding. To keep your package weatherproof (you know the typical soggy british stuff we are all used to) it will be sealed in a compostable bag. These bags can be put in with your food waste and go straight back to the earth.
  • How do I get a super sharp cut from my cutters?
    For the sharpest cut I reccomend to cut directly onto tile. Resting and chilling your clay first will ensure its in the best condition to cut (this applies to plain clay or slabs). Using his method will result in minimal to no refining of your edges before or after baking. You can also cut onto paper, to make sure clay does not stick to the cutters lightly dust your clay or the inside of the cutter with cornstarch using a delicate brush. For an in depth tutorial please visit -
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