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Cutter Cleaning Guide (Resin)

How to clean our Claysories resin cutters.

Supplies needed -

Soft toothbrush ( keep this one for your crafting only!)

Warm soapy water

Towel or tissue

Pure alcohol (optional)

Step 1 - Dry brush

First of all we are going to give our cutter a dry brush and tap out any excess powders that we may have used for cutting. Dry brushing makes the cleaning process much more efficient.

Step 2 - Bath time

Prepare a warm soapy bath for your cutters. Allow the cutters to soak for a few minutes. To help things along you can swirl your cutters in the bath using the toothbrush.

Step 3 - Deep cleanse

Gently but firmly brush the soapy cutter until clean, reapply water if needed. Rinse the cutter under running water and leave to dry.

Optional - Step 4 - Alcohol soak

Fill a small glass pot or jar using pure alcohol. Leave the cutter to soak for a minute, take out and brush then rinse as in step 3. The alcohol will remove discoloration from clay pigments and residue leaving the cutters just like new!

**As our cutters are now made from resin the cutter will not be affected but do not use this option for PLA cutters**


The final result, beautiful fresh cutters. Just make sure they are left to full dry before use.

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