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First of all, I suck at writing about me's and almost anything about myself to be honest, but I want to let you in and really give you a true about me and about the brand. I am Vicky (maker/designer/creator/3d printing expert/owner/mama). To explain properly I need to take you back and explain our origins.

Claysories has been in the making for a while now. In September of 2020 a month after my son was born, I was looking to make sentimental and handmade clay ornaments and jewellery for family members to celebrate his first Christmas. I've always been creative and love crafting so I started to look for claycutters to make what I had envisioned. Unfortunately at that time in the UK it was hard to find polymer clay cutters at affordable prices or without crazy shipping fees and waiting times. That's when I knew I wanted to start making cutters for myself and hopefully I could help other makers in the UK too. So that's how the idea of claysories was born. I roped in my Fiancee (Matt) and convinced him to we should get a 3d printer (that's bit wasn't hard to be fair, it didn't take much persuasion). From there I began designing and together we worked on our 3d printing skills.

I knew from the very start this had to be an environmentally respectful (Eco-friendly) business. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and our cutters are only made from plant based resin which is made from renewable sources and is recyclable and biodegradable.

I also knew that it was so important to be as affordable as possible, and to keep shipping costs to a minimum. 

The reason I'm launching Claysories now  is down to a few very similar reasons;

No 1 - motherhood is way more challenging and time consuming than I had ever (stupidly) expected!

No 2 - designing and 3D printing cutters is more challenging and time-consuming than I had expected!

I think you can see a theme here.

There are so many times throughout the last year that I wanted to give up, but now today I'm so glad that I didn't. I can finally give everyone else what I was looking to find from the very beginning. And although now there are many other wonderful UK based clay makers on the market, I still think there is a little room left for us.

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