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Clay Cutters

Our Clay Cutters are made with eco friendly plant based resin and designed by Victoria, an artist and polymer clay crafter. Claysories cutters are sharp and precise, making them perfect for creating beautiful and intricate designs. With their high quality construction, these cutters are built to last and can be used over and over again. Get creative with our Clay Cutters and make something truly unique.

Sharp + Precise

Intricate cuts with ease

The perfect tool for all your cutting needs. Featuring a sharp 0.35mm cutting edge, they are designed to cut through clay with ease and precision. 


Unique Designs

From artist to artist

Our cutters are unique and beautiful clay cutting tools designed from Victoria's hand drawn designs. They are perfect for creating intricate shapes and patterns in clay, and are ideal for pottery, sculpting, and other craft projects. A must-have for any clay enthusiast looking for a tool to help them create beautiful, detailed pieces.

High Quality

Strong, beautiful and reliable

Our Clay Cutters are a must-have tool for beginner and expert clay artists alike. 

Made from a strong and durable eco-friendly plant based resin, making them an investment that will last.

Unlike traditional PLA cutters ours have almost invisible layer lines giving a smooth finish to your edges.

They are also easy to clean and alcohol resistant, the ideal tool for any clay jewellery project.

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